Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sheffield United 0 Coventry City 1

There’s just no way I can make this match sound interesting. Even with all the tricks of the trade taught on this Masters of mine. Following another gruelling week trying to become a journalist, there was absolutely no way I was going to break an unbroken sequence of Saturday afternoon football going back to mid-July, but this was £16 and two hours I’ll never get back.

“I saw six goals last time I went to Bramall Lane. United fought back twice and equalised in the 94th minute. It was SOOOO exciting,” I kept repeating to Mr. Huw Harrow, who was visiting for the weekend, as he reluctantly swapped plans to have a boozy afternoon watching Soccer Saturday for a seat on the freezing cold Kop.

United hit the crossbar no less than three times so you might think they'd just been unlucky. Not really, they still didn’t deserve a point and Gary Speed continues to wonder when things will start looking up. It isn’t hard to see why the Blades have been so goal-shy this season – aside for ten minutes at the start of the second-half, they did literally nothing in attack. This spell was their only period of sustained pressure, during which loanee Andy Reid hit the woodwork with a curling free-kick. Other than that, nothing.

Inevitably, Coventry, who hadn’t exactly inspired us either, nicked the win through Gary McSheffrey’s salmon-like header in the first-half. McSheffrey is only 28, but seems to have been on the scene forever, but then he did make his debut at 16, the start of an eight-year initial spell with the Sky Blues.  

I’d brought my voice and even learnt the words to the non-Boston version of Annie’s Song but the atmosphere in the home end was dead. The legroom was also shite – is Sheffield a town of midgets? I’m getting my calves checked for signs of DVT on Monday. They didn’t even have the decency to score, so I could ease the crippling pain by getting up. Bring back the terraces...

Told you there wasn’t much to report. Sorry Huw.

Next Match: Guiseley vs. Boston United on Tuesday. Will be nice to actually watch my team again!  

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